Framesmith, in Mountain View Arkansas, set out to create a place where Artists and Art Fans could go and celebrate wonderful works of Art.  Chuck Smith, himself an artist, has made a life's work of studying all aspects of art and art creation. Chuck wanted to accommodate the many fans of art with a reliable source of professional custom frames.  Chuck also observed a need for fine art supplies in such an artistic community, a place where artists could pick up pigments and supplies here in secluded Mountain View.  This all had to be done at a reasonable price for the community, but still at a convenient location. The Dogwood Cottage, located just off the square, held just such an opportunity. Chuck converted the front into a small but workable frame shop/art store, and uses the back for his painting and design studio.  We hope we can help you create a truly unique place of your own, filling your home with great and interesting works of art.

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Framesmith in Mountain View Arkansas



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